Birth of the first Puppy:27.04.2019 22:49/Birth of the last Puppy:28.04.2019 14:51

Table of weigths

ivyellow 00:42FYes6241000150023803520474060507300
xilight blue14:51MYes580970145021403230444058007000

09.07.2019Mr. Lightblue has departured and after a long car ride arrived
at his new family where he already started to settle in.
08.07.2019It becomes quit. The two puppies play with each other in a
very peaceful way.
07.07.2019Mr. Hellblau and Miss Turquoise experiene their second rainy day
with us. No, they do not like it but do not refuse to go out of the
06.07.2019Also Mr. Blue has moved out and. After an easy car ride he has
reached his new home and is engaged to make himself comfortable there.
05.07.2019A a quiet day - Also grandmother Nini, who avoided to be close to
the puppies so far, now enters the puppy yard.
04.07.2019Apocalyptic mood: Only 3 puppies are left with us.
03.07.2019Miss Orange has also arrived safe in her new home and feels
comfortable there.
02.07.2019Mr. Brown has left and arrived safe at his new Familie.
01.07.2019The puppies are experiencing their first real rainy day but do not
refuse to go to the outside when it's necessary.
30.06.2019Miss Yellow has left and has arrived well in her new Family.
29.06.2019Miss Pink has left and has arrived well in her new Family.
28.06.2019Today Mr. Silver left us and, after a long journey (he was sleeping
nearly all the way), arrived well in his new home.
27.06.2019Another hot and sunny day. The puppies discover that thay
can refresh themselfs in the water but they can't really become accustomed
with it.
26.06.2019A really warm day. After noon the puppies slept a lot and
wake up in not before evening. Today the puppies took a
more contgrolled approach.
25.06.2019Biskyra does not become tired of proving her mother qualities. At the beginning,
after the smooth births she provided her children with milk in abundance,
even when their spiky teeth had grown. Today she ensures with tireless
educational measures that her puppies will be fit for life.
24.06.2019The little dogs have through-slept - from 10:00 to 6:00.
23.06.2019The first three puppies have left our kennel, have arrived well
in their new homes and are settling in there.
22.06.2019Litterinspection - not painful, but boring for the puppies and
kind of exhausting for the humans. No surprises were detected.

The next night will be the last one all puppies will be together
because tomorrow the first puppies will leave our house.
21.06.2019The puppies enjoy the day with quiet, peaceful games, as if they
are smelling that soon each of them will go an own way.
20.06.2019Visit of the veterinarian: Thorough health-inspection.
Afterward vaccination and chipping. This was painful, but
all the puppies recovered very fast.
19.06.2019The puppies started skimming works at a leaving tree.
That is stretching it too far!
18.06.2019A round of dryed rumen for all. Some try to capture two pieces
while others share one piece without any problems.
17.06.2019Ein very warm and sunny day. Sad to say: The puppy shower does not
find any friends.
16.06.2019Today the puppies again have a hard time verticutting the green
although there is not much green left.
15.96.2019Thuderstorm at night, thunder and lightning. The puppes fear
a little, but mother Biskyra shows them that there is no reason
to fear.
14.06.2019The puppies do not yet want to accept that the milk bar
is closed now and Biskyra has to speak clear words.
13.06.2019Biskyra has stopped breastfeeding - she does no longer allow
any puppy to come close to her teats.
12.06.2019Nothing seems to be secure. Today the puppies started to destroy our
large indoor plant.
11.06.2019The puppies are growing, become more and more agile and cute every day.
10.06.2019Second problem-free (~8 minutes) car trip - also in small assisted groups.
09.06.2019Puppy school with mother Biskyra - group lessons in the
morning and individual lessons in the afternoon. Eating, sleeping
and free playing in between.
08.06.2019Biskyra's puppies are visited by Isipho, their father.
07.06.2019Again much sunshine and outdoor activities. You can tell just
by looking at the puppies: Their musculature becomes stronger
and their movement becomes faster.
06.06.2019Cloudy and humid weather - it also can be nice to stay in the house,
play with each other and nibble dried rumen.
05.06.2019Roadworks on the other side of the garten gate: After shortly being
kind of unsettled the puppies ignored the noise and the shaking
ground, unswerving continued their games, moved into their puppie box
for sleeping.
04.06.2019The destructive activities in our small shrubs patch are close to completion.
We do not expect anything to bloom there in this year.
03.06.2019A warm summer day: the puppies feel the temperature is to warm to stay
in the sun light. So they decided to move below the hawthorn hedge and to crush
the remaining leaves of the of the previous year and incorporate these into
the soil using their little paws.
02.06.2019The Eleven had their first car trip in small assisted groups.
01.06.2019Eventually the temperature is high enough to allow the terrace door
to be open from morning to night. The puppies are thankful for that.
31.05.2019The puppies fast got used to their enlarged world.
30.05.2019The puppy world has become bigger. Tentatively the puppies
start to explore the green.
29.05.2019It's still raining and nobody likes to leave the house. The puppies prefer to chew rabbit ears.
28.05.2019Rainy weather: The puppies would like to explore the outside world,
but do not want to leave the roofed terrace area - we are waiting for
better weather.
27.05.2019The growing longer wake phases extensively are used to by the little
ridgebacks to act out and practice ridgeback typical bahaviour under supervision.
26.05.2019The puppies learn how to slobber water aut of the bowl and some of them
were brave enough to leave the house.
The sum of the weights of the puppies is now above the weight of their
mother before her pregnancy.
25.05.2019The garden is escape-proof now, but the little dog-children still are
too carefull to leave the house.
24.05.2019The little dogs are moving quite fast now and we have to take care,
not to tread them when we are in their outlet.
23.05.2019All puppies are able to leave the puppy box and to climb back
into it.
22.05.2019The puppies more and more look like dogs and they start to behave
like dogs do.
21.05.2019Biskyra is glad - the puppies are eating out of the pan.
20.05.2019All puppies are able to leave the puppy box and climb back into it
without any help. The are becoming more mobile every day.
19.05.2019Our small 'Children of the sun' enjoyed their first sun bath..
19.05.2019The little dogs are able to eat out of the pan by themselfs and some of them
can already slobber water (if they do not try to have a bath).
17.05.2019The puppies can walk much better now on the slippy ground out of the
puppy box. All puppies have teeth now.
16.05.2019Breakout: Seven puppies nearly at the same time found their way out of the
puppy box but have trouble with the slippy ground.
15.05.2019Slowly but surely the little dogs become firm on their little paws. They
still stay in the puppy box but this will change soon.
14.05.2019In the jaws of the puppies we clearly can feel little toothlets.
13.05.2019The puppies receive the first bites of 'solid food'.
12.05.2019The little 'Lion Hunters' start to show interest for, start to play with each other.
11.05.2019First change of coat: The birth coat is replaced by the puppy coat.
10.05.2019To protect Biskyra's teats we had to cut the tiny spiky claws. The puppies did
not enjoy this treatment.
09.05.2019Biskyra insists on going for at least one walk per day. The puppies begin to walk in the puppy box,
although shaky they slowly manage to change their position.
08.05.2019The eyes of the puppies have opened.
07.05.2019Wandering about in their puppy box the little dogs become increasingly faster.
06.05.2019The weight of all puppies has increased above 1kg and all of them have received their colored collar.
05.05.2019In the puppy box everything is well establisched now, the puppies are growing
and Biskyra can treat herself to some time-out from time to time.
04.05.2019Biskyra insists on going for a walk but wants to return to her puppies after a short time.
03.05.2019The puppies are fit and agile. They drink a lot of milk and their weight increases.
02.05.2019Grandmother Niny shows interest in her grandchildren. She does this in a
very careful way and Biskl does not mind at all.
01.05.2019The little children of the sun have a first short sunbath and the dried umbilical cords are falling off.
30.04.2019Biskl gets used to her new task. She behaves like as if she never did anything else.
29.04.2019Biskl has plenty of milk. The Puppies drink lots of it and their weights are increasing.
28.04.2019The last Puppie is born. All, Biksl, the puppies and also the humans have to rest for a spell.
27.04.2019Today's the day - End of waiting.
06.04.2019Today for the first time we could feel puppy movements in Biskyra's belly.
Biskyra's weight is increasing .... and the shape of her belly is changing rapidly.
21.03.2019The ultrasonic testing has confirmed what Biskel had already told us by means of changed behaviour: she is pregnant - a good amount of fetuses was counted.
24.02.2019Wedding tour to Fulda. Biskl and Isipho had a 2 days honeymoon.