Even as a small Puppy she loved it roaming around in the
long grass and ...
NameChgaga Biskyra z Nyjara
BreederEva-Maria Naujoks-Spellauge/
Gustav Spellauge
Date of birthe30.01.2014
Breed registry number VDH 14/109 10296
Height64,5 cm
Weight36 kg
Colorred wheaten
EDclear (grade 0)
DilutestatusD/D - homozygous
JMEN/N - clear
DMN/N - clear

... did not have any problems becoming wet when joyously
playing in the water.

Later you could think, 'our Nessie' is a Waterdog.

She loves to be be in company with her mother ..

.. but also likes to be on her way on her own.