We, my husband Gustav, our sons Maximilian and Tillman and me, Eva-Maria welcome you to our homepage.

Our fifth family member is our Rhodesian Ridgeback female dog Ye Japha Nyjara Neyda also known as Nini.

We live in south east Bavaria between Munich and Rosenheim in an area with lots of forrests, meadows and farming fields.

I have had dogs since 1972. After Blacky (Cocker Spaniel), Anja (German Spitz), Fido (Schnauzer-Spitz), Zita (Shepherd-Chow), Kirow (Sibirian Husky), Freya (Rhodesian Ridgeback) Nyjara is my seventh dog an second Ridgeback.

In more than 40 years i gained lots of experince handling and training dogs. After pondering for a long time, i decided not only to guide Rhodesian Ridgeback but also breed them. My husband and my sons will actively support me in doing so.

If you are interested in further details, please do not hesitate to contact us.