17.03.2024The Cruselchen is increasing. She can no longer hide her condition.
02.03.2024Our Cruselchen is in good hope. Many little puppies were counted during the ultrasound examination.
10.02.2024We expect Cadiza's puppies around den 5th of April.
24.08.2023 We are planning our D-Litter for winter 2023/2024 with Biskyra's daughter Chgaga Cadiza Cru.
24.07.2021Biskyra's daughter, our Cadiza (Cru) has passed her breeding approval examination under judge Mr. Burkhard Seibel: "A feminine, confident, sovereign and temperamental bitch." - We are pleased.
10.10.2020Cadiza has won the intermediate class of the female dogs in the ELSA exhibition in Schweitenkirchen. Judge was Mr. Herbert Klemann.
19.09.2020Cadiza left the DZRR exhibition in Prichsenstadt with a beautiful Excellent 4. Judge was Mrs. Karin van Klaveren.
27.08.2020The results of the health examinations for Biskyra's daughter Cadiza Cru have arrived:
Transitional Vertebraclear
DiluteD/D (homozygotic)
JMEN/N (clear)
We are happy - this is as good as it gets.
09.07.2019 We have no more puppies from our C-litter to give away.
28.04.2019Biskyra's puppies (6 boys and 5 girls - all large and vibrant) are born.

Please find further information at C-Litter, Litter Fotos and Litter Protocol,
06.04.2019Today for the first time we could feel puppy movements in Biskyra's belly. More info can be found at C-litter details.
04.04.2019We are happy: According to the statement of our veterinary, who examined her closely today, the health or our Nini - she's now 11 years and 2 Months old - is excellent.
21.03.2019The ultrasonic screening has confirmed what Biskyra had already told us by her altered behaviour: She is expecting babies.
26.02.2019We have returned from a journey and assume that our Biskyra in a delicate way. For details please visit our C-litter.
10.02.2019We are planning our C-litter with our bitch Chgaga Biskyra for spring/summer 2019. We will soon provide you with further information.
03.04.2016We are happy: Biskyra has passed DZRR Breeding Examiniation.
08.06.2015Biskyra's X-ray results have arrived - HD/ED/OCD = A1/free (grade 0)/free. We are glad.
06.04.2014Bimara has also found a new home. All puppies are assigned now.
01.04.2014M'sieur Bleu has found his new puppy parents.
12.02.2014Congratulations on the 2nd birthday to our A-puppies.
01.02.2014At January 30th and 31st our B-litter was born. More info at B-Wurf, B-litter anouncement and B-Wurf Protocol.
31.12.2013The ultrasonic testing has confirmed what Nini had already told us: she is pregnant, many fetuses were counted.
Feel free to find more Information at B-Litter Announcement and also at B-Litter Protocol.
12.02.2013Today our A-litter is 1 year old. We wish the dogs furthermore all the best health and their owners lots of joy with their dogs.
19.08.2012As all of our dogs Azajyra-Joy at the age of six months had to proof that she does not fear large and loud machines. As you can see on the Foto, she passed this examination.
9.10.2011Nyjara is fit for breeding. Today she succeeded the breeding examination of the DZRR in Schweinfurt.