In the forest, in the meadows and fields she feels at ease,
is always very vigilant..
NameYe Japha Nyjara Neyda
BreederHeike Will /
Peter Obschernicat
Date of birth31.1.2008
Date of death20.03.2021
Breed registry numberVDH 08/ 109 5915
Height66 cm
EDfree (grade 0)
DilutestatusD/D - homozygous
JMEN/N - clear
Colorred wheaten

... and loves to look out for deer, rabbits, foxes, cats as well
as for other dogs.
Our Nyjara i a healthy, vigorous, steady, relaxed and
courageous female dog.

Since the very first day she moved into our house on april 4th
2008 we always felt, she is very comfortable at out home.

She loves long walks inthe nature. Also on mountain hikes
and bicycle tours she is always prepared to accompany us-
Of course dery weather is in preference to wet weather, which
she does not really have an objection aginst - she does not
mind coldness as long as she can stay in motion.

In the great outdoors Nyjara is never bored.
There is always something to catch her attention. A bird,
a deer, a rabbit or a feral pig is something she would like
to hunt. However she it always retrievable and for this reason
she may accompany us without the need of a leach and without
wearing a collar. Only foxes and cats are sort of risky and
we have to be a bit careful and foresightful handling on our
part is demanded on our part.

With very few exceptions Nini does not have any problems with
other dogs, regardless of their gender and and size. In general
she is always prepared for collaborative canine activities.

It may not be failed to mention that Nyjara posses a very good
guarding and protrection instinct. Nobody she does not know
very well should ever try to enter 'her territory'.

Nyjaja handles children with much care. She likes to be fed
with small goodies and then the children may pet her for a
short period of time.
Neither children ...... nor large, noisy machines, approaching
with high speed, can confuse Nini ...
... rather fresh new snow can ruffle her.
Our Nyjara has gone. She has always given us a lot of joy.
Nini, we miss you!