Little Cadiza loved to run across meadows at high speed.
Chgaga Cadiza Cru (Waldkind)
BreederEva-Maria Naujoks-Spellauge/
Gustav Spellauge
Date of birthe27.04.2019
Breed registry number VDH 19/109 14528
Height66.5 cm
Weight39 kg
Colorred wheaten
EDclear (grade 0)
DilutestatusD/D - homozygous
JMEN/N - clear
DMN/N - clear

She fit harmoniously into our family, even though she likes
to be in the foreground.
Our forest child Cadiza (Cru) is also a healthy, strong-willed,
self-confident, alert and strong bitch. She shows herself in
confident and completely sovereign in all life situations. She
is also in no way inferior to her mother.

Cadiza is the daughter of our offspring bitch Biskra. She was
born on 27.04.2019 in our living room. She has never left us
since her birth. She accompanies us everywhere, like all our dogs.
She just wants be with us.

Just like her mother, she loves the water, but only when it is
beneeth her. She detests rain and in this characteristic is no
different from her conspecifics.

Our Cru likes to spend hours walking in the woods and meadows.
She likes to go out into nature before the sun rises and makes a
disappointed impression when there are no animals such as hares
deer or foxes. Cadiza is a real forest child, but also feels at
home in the big city in the English Garden and enjoys the many
dog encounters there.

She is always friendly towards people, whether big or small,
young or old. Only drunks that we occasionally meet in the
dark are a little scary for her.

Cadiza has passed her breeding license exemination with top marks
in all points. Her breeding judge, Mr. Burkhard Seibel, summed up
his overall impression with the words "Bitch in the upper
size range who impresses with her self-confidence and sovereignty".

Especially Cadiza likes to be in the forest ..

.. and she also feels comfortable in the water.

From time to time she can also be seen at exhibitions.