Even as a small Puppy she loved it roaming around in the
long grass and ...
NameChgaga Biskyra z Nyjara
BreederEva-Maria Naujoks-Spellauge/
Gustav Spellauge
Date of birthe30.01.2014
Breed registry number VDH 14/109 10296
Height64,5 cm
Weight36 kg
Colorred wheaten
EDclear (grade 0)
DilutestatusD/D - homozygous
JMEN/N - clear
DMN/N - clear

... did not have any problems becoming wet when joyously
playing in the water.
To be translated from german ...
To be translated from german ...

Later you could think, 'our Nessie' is a Waterdog.

She loves to be be in company with her mother ..

.. but also likes to be on her way on her own.