It is our aim to breed healthy, strong and incorruptible Rhodesian Ridgebacks. In doing so, we focus on the FCI-breeding standard and try to stay as close as possible to the roots of the breed. We are members of the DZRR,VDH,FCI.

By careful selection and on close acquaintance of the breeding partner and evaluation of his ancesters we try to achieve this aim as close as possible. We have recourse to experienced Ridgeback breeders.

Our puppies early get acquainted to all noises of the household and environment.

Our puppies are born in the 'Puppy box' in our living room and grow up having close human contact. We are there for the puppies 24 hours a day.
From when they are four weeks old their living radius extends to our garden later to our compound in the forrest. At the same time they get familiar to car rides.
The hips of 4 ouf the dogs of our A-litter have been x-rayed. All with the result A1. The radilogical examination of the sholders and ellbows of three of these dog yielded that they are clean of OCD and ED.