Birth of the first Puppy:30.01.2014 03:35/Birth of the last Puppy:31.01.2014 11:30

Table of weigths

iv-dark blue08:03MYesM'sieur Bleu5305305405705605506407108108108409309509801180120012801350152015301670170025203720523067908790
v-light blue08:38FYes47051054059065072074076077092094095099011101260124012901300136015101650170026003510494060907940

13.04.2014It is quiet now in our place. Last Frieday M'sieur Bleu left us. We could not seperate from little MuckMuck (Biskyra z Nyjara). She will stay with us.

We wish all the puppies a beautiful, healthy and log life and their people lots of pleasure with and from them.
28.03.2014Litterinspection: No faults except ridgefaults were detected. This will be the last night all will sleep together.
27.03.2014Visit of the veterinarian: After an in-depth investigation all puppies were vacciated and chipped. They did not seem to be very impressed and got over the painful procedure very well.
26.03.2014Finally the sun is shining. The little lionhunters use the fine weather for excavating works and wild capture games.
25.03.2014The weather is still cold and wet, so our dog children mainly stay indoors - playing, chasing and fighting each other and chewing dainties.
24.03.2014The Puppies were sleeping peacefully in the front of the warm oven after they had extensively ranged themself out in the garden in cold weather.
23.03.2014Rain with snow, the puppies do not want to go outside. All of them are heavier than 6 kg.
22.03.2014Cold weather - the little Ridgebacks do not really like this.
21.03.2014Extensive water games in the garden and sunbathing.
20.03.2014Lots of outdoor activity in best sunny weather ensured that all puppies go off to sleep early.
19.03.2014Often the simplest toys are the best. Today the little dogs had a lot of fun with an empty PET bottle.
18.03.2014Butterfly hunting in the garden and trip to the forest meadow.
17.03.2014Nini has recovered very well and nearly in the state before her pregnancy.
16.03.2014Gardening works - ther soil beneath the hornbeam hedge had to be loosened and the dry leaves of the preceding year had to be worked in.
15.03.2014Rainy weather, quit indoor activities, dried rumen and testing of new toys.
14.03.2014The puppies could rage themselfs out in the forest. Subsequently the rested in the March sun for half an hour.
13.03.2014Today we served dried lamb rumen. The no longer small puppies got along well with this.
12.03.2014Unfortunately our meadow in the forest has been digged up by feral pigs. However our forester made available another one to us, so that we could start our pup-excursions to the meadow today. The puppies mastered the 10km ride in our Defender on the forest paths without any problems and they really enjoyed the stay in the forest.
11.03.2014Nini retrurs to normal life - today she was allowed to trot beside the bicycle.
10.03.2014Today is rest day. The puppies grow and gain weight.
09.03.2014Again car riding. The rewards were delicious rabbit ears and lamb ears.
08.03.2014Today we undertook the first car rides with the puppies. They did not really enjoy it but they did not fear either.
07.03.2014Spring is approaching. The puppies have started to rearrange the garden according to their ideas. Nothing will grow or flower in the patch this year.
06.03.2014Clipping nails for all. Two plush toys lost their lifes.
05.03.2014Lunch on the terrace. The little dogs more and more like to be in the open air - except it is raining.
04.03.2014Cooly drizzle weather - nevertheless some of the puppies go onto the lawn in order to get rid of their organic waste.
03.03.2014The puppies had fun in the sunshine in the garden. Some of them signify when they need to go outside in the garden.
02.03.2014The door to the Garden has opened and the puppies make their first careful steps into the Gaerden.
01.03.2014The little dogs are growing fast. We had to clothe them with the larger collars.
28.02.2014Two of the puppies have figured out how to slobber water out of the little dish.
27.02.2014The first fresh food: we served goat milk quark with egg yolk. The puppies did not bother to munch it.
26.02.2014Today Nini could not stand it any longer. She insisted on a longer walk to the 'borders of her territory'.
25.02.2014The Interactions between the puppies become more and more diverse and their games become more conscious.
24.02.2014The puppies start to play with their toys - they tear at their knot ropes and fight over the plush lion.
23.02.2014The sun is shining into the puppy room and the little children of the sun pleasantly stretch out themself in the warming rays.
22.02.2014For the first time the little dogs got to know strangers. They behaved very open minded.
21.02.2014The games of the little dogs become wilder, the teeth become more spiky and the appetite grows rapidly.
20.02.2014The puppies show more and more interrest for their environment and for each other.
19.02.2014More and more teeth show up. The puppies are now able to wander about the livingroom. Some succeed in climbing out of and into the puppy box.
18.02.2014The puppies now eat more food than they drink Nini's milk. Nini is very thankfull because she now occasionally can rest apart from her children.
17.02.2014Today the puppies had their first excursion to our living room. It's time to set up the puppy grid.
16.02.2014In the mouths of three of the puppies the first milk teeth have shown up.
15.02.2014In addition to Nini's milk from now on the puppies get kind of solid food. Not all of them like this.
14.02.2014 The babies show interest in Nini's food and 'pick up' small amounts of it. They start looking like dogs.
13.02.2014The puppies have doubled thei birthweights. They start to play with each other and have received colored collars.
12.02.2014The eyes of all puppies have opened. Some of the puppies are able to make several steps without tumbling over.
11.02.2014The puppies try to make their first steps on the soft blanket in the puppy box.
10.02.2014The eyes of the first puppies have opened. They can now distinguish between bright and dark. Nini started to take her downtimes apart from her puppies.
09.02.2014The puppies become more and more vivid. They are crawling around in their puppy box and are also able to find the way back to their milkbar where Nini provides plenty of milk. Some puppies try to stand on their 4 legs.
08.02.2014Today our little children of the sun had the opportunity for an indoor sun bath in the winter sun while they were laying in their ridgipad.
07.02.2014Peace and routine have come about. The puppies grow, become stronger and start crwaling around in their puppy box.
The first puppy (vii) has doubled his birth weight.
06.02.2014Today our little bees had the opportunity for a sunbath while laying in their puppy box.
05.02.2014 Because the puppies started to claw Ninis's teats bloody we carefully cutted the tiny spiky little claws. The babies did not extremely like this.
04.02.2014Nini can no longer stand staying in the house and garden and she insisted on a small walk. All the puppies do very well.
03.03.2014All remnants of the umbilical cords have been been fallen off and number 8 has significantly increased his weight.
02.02.2014The babies have noticeably grown. Nini and we have recovered a bit and the stresses of the births are nearly forgotten.
01.02.2014'Number 8' wants to live - Our efforts seem to be rewarded by success.. This morning the little she dog finally started to drink Nini's milk. She has had an extremly difficult start into life.
25.01.2014A wintrily sunbath in front of 'the door'.
19.01.2014We rearranged or living roon and Nini almost instantly moved into her puppy box.
12.01.2014Nini sleeps and eats a lot. Her belly grows noticeably.
31.12.2013The ultrasonic testing has confirmed what Nini had already told us: she is pregnant, many fetuses were counted.
05.12.2013Wedding tour to Pardubice. Nini and Rebel had a 3 days honeymoon.
27.10.2013We deciced that Shelridge Aussi Rebel will fathter of Nyjara's second litter. You will find details at litter anouncement.