From 30.11.2013 to 2.12.2013 were in Pardubice for a visit to Rebel. Rebel and Nini almost immediately liked each other and had a 3-days honeymoon.

Many thanks to Katerina and Michael for your hospitality and for providing Rebel to us. We had a nice time and are looking forward seeing you again some day.

The ultrasonic testing on 31.12.2013 has confirmed that Nini is pregnant. We are now looking forward to the Rebel-Nini puppies which will be born around Feb 2nd 2014.

M.Ch. Shelridge Aussie Rebel is a healthy, relaxed and self-confident dog with an outstanding character and a very well marked will to work. He is obedient and does not hunt wild animals, although he has very strong hunting instincts.

A great chap .. .. who has an eye on his surrondings .. .. and who love to master even challenging barriers
In August we and Nini had the opportunity to to become acquainted with Rebel. He and Nini to hit it off with each other at the first push. On an excursion to the Elbe the dogs had very relaxed afternoon because of the midsummer temperatures. After a bath in the Elbe the preferred to stay in the shade.

After a refreshing bath in the river the dogs move to the shade. Rebel likes to be busy with Artaban who also lives in his pack.

If you are interested in a puppy from this very promising outcross mating, please do not hesitate to contact us.