January 30 2014: Today is the 61st day of Nini's pregnancy. The delivery started at 3:35am.

The delivery takes it's time. Still there are unborn puppies. The previously born puppies are strong and agile. The milkbar is opened and all the babies are drinking very well. None of the puppies has any white signs.

While the first 7 births were easy and fast, this changed with the eighth puppy. The exhausting hours continued until noon today. Regrettably three puppies could only be stillborn.

We wish to express our thanks to all who kept their fingers crossed. The help of out vet right accros the street was very valuable. Unfortunately we had to learn that a breeding specialist is not necessarily the best address when complications come up.

We would like to address our very special thanks to Peter Obschernicat who had on open ear during the complete birth. His expert knowledge was of incalculable value. Thank you very much Peter.

Nini, who celebrates her sixth birthday today, has started to recover from the stresses. She cares for her puppies in an exemplary manner and has plenty of milk.

All puppies, except one, do very well and already started to fight for the best teats.

Now we need some time for the puppies, for Nini and for ourselfs.

Janunary 31 2014